We had our Flea Circus in the Tivoli Gardens. Copenhagen. Denmark. from

1952 to 1965. We closed it down in 1965 due to a lack of artists.

In its place came the Mouse City which was discontinued in 1974.



Front and entrance to the Flea Circus Tivoli Gardens Copenhagen Denmark.


Else Torp gives the show.and Audience


Miss Babette in Life Magazine and Ching Ling Foo Juggling


Old Harry pulling his Hearse and Phill on his Penny Farthing and Tricycle.Oscar and his Merry-go-round


Our Posters from Egypt and Canary Islands


Video of the Flea Circus

John Torp's Flea Circus
John Torp's Fleas Circus in the USA
Loppe Cirkus "In danish"Dansk






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