My Broken Heart

 Music & Lyrics by John Torp
Copyright 2005 John Torp






You came and broke my heart in two
that wasn't very nice of you
now I will have to find some glue
because two halves will never do
I don't know what got into you
you came and broke my heart in two
that's maybe what you always do
now we are through

I don't know why a girl like you
just came and broke my heart in two
a girl I thought that loved me true
I even said I loved you too
you sure turned out to be a shrew
now I am glad I'm rid of you
my dammaged heart will soon be new
I'm glad we're through

Now if one day I'll meet a new
another girl the same as you
I will be careful not to do
the same mistake I did with you
I'll soon find out if she's untrue
that's something that I learned from you
and for the lesson I thank you
so I thank you