Music & Lyrics by John Torp
Coypright 2004 John Torp





Romantic nights for you and me here in Venice
a gondola it will be our omnibus
it's so romantic here in that wonderful Venice
with all the stars out and with the moon there above us
this is the place that will live forever
and always stay here right in our hearts
I am so glad that you are here beside me
that you are happy and you really love me
these memories dear we'll always treasure
and always keep so close to our hearts

I met you there down in that beatiful Venice
that is the place where all the lovers do meet
it's so romantic there in that wonderful Venice
and if you listen you'r hearing all lovers heartbeat
you'll find them walking close to each other
or gazing into each others eyes
and say there will be no other one ever
and stay together for now and forever
I'm glad I met you down here in Venice
and glad I went down to Italy