The Caravan to Infinity


 Music by John Torp.
Lyrics by Dorothy Acton & John Torp
Copyright 2003 John Torp





Deserts of time stretch forever
caravans sail there forever
making trails in the soft shifting sands there forever
leaving tracks on still silent earth that won't last forever
regretfully the marks will not stay
but no they will vanish with winds blown away

walking on earth we're together
our pathways the same but they differ
will the earth remember our names when once we have left here
will our tracks be left and then saved all over the earth here
can earth we've known forget we were here
as though our journey had never begun

far in the distance they see us
the stars that are glowing around us
do they know that we are here and do they like us
do they know that eons pass and still how they guide us
or are we just a fleeting dream here
and do we just blow away in the wind