Music & Lyrics by John Torp
Coypright 2004 John Torp





Sleepy  I'm so sleepy
but I have to stay awake
I must watch the TV
there's a film I have to see
now my eyes are closing
and I'm fighting  I must win
I've tried with some toothpicks
but my eyelids just fall down
if I could record it
I could watch it later on
but the darned thing's broken
so I have to watch it now
it is such a good film
and I must not miss a bit
what now? I've been dozing
and my head is hanging down
how much have I missed now
and what happened while I was out
now my evening's ruined
and I might as well go to bed
I did really try but
there was no way I could win
so I'll just give in now
I'm glad that I have my bed