Poor little fly

 Music & Lyrics by John Torp
Coypright 2003 John Torp



As I was out the other day
a fly got in my eye
it wasn't nice and hurt a lot
and that I can't deny

I spent some time to get it out
my finger did the work
when it was done I gave a shout
I got you there you jerk

but then I got to think about
the fate of that poor fly
for it to land here in my eye
the poor thing had to die

to be a little fly I'm sure
is not just play and fun
there's many things it must endure
before the day is done

I'm very sorry little fly
you had to die that way
so please forgive me little fly
I took your life that day

I must be careful from now on
I'll try to save your friends
but with protective glasses on
is not how it will end

I hope your friends will swerve away
and not land in my eye
I wish they'll have a happy day
and not a day to die