Oh what a World



 Music & Lyrics by John Torp
Coypright 2003 John Torp






Oh what a world with many a wonder
so many things for us to explore
look at the sunrise over there yonder
or see the mighty waves roll in on the shore
I am so glad that I'm here to watch it
for just as long as time will permit
I thank my good fortune that I am living
and I can see the lovely blue sky
to see the sun that sets in the evening
and see those wondrous birds up high as they fly

Oh what a world with so many graces
we are so lucky that we are here
this is our world with so many places
and with the changing seasons year after year
we'll see the flowers grow in the springtime
and see the forest change in the fall
but seeing it all takes more than a lifetime
see what we can before curtaincall
thank's for the chance,the chance I was given
I'm glad I saw the things I did while alive