Now it's spring

 Music and Lyrics by John Torp.
Copyright 2003 John Torp





Now it's spring and the sun is out
and cleaning the house is what it's about
there's dust in the corners and dirt on the floor
I clean and I clean and still there is more

my back is aching my knees are sore
but I must work to end this chore
to work like this is just no fun
but I must keep on to get the job done

I hope in the end the house is clean
that no dust or dirt is there to be seen
then let the sun come out all day
I've done my best is all I can say

my back is aching my knees are sore
I break my nails and still there is more
the summer's the season I like the best
but when winter's here I can get some rest

when winter's over again next time
the house again is full of grime
and soon I know that spring is here
and that's how it is year after year

to be a housewife it ain't no fun
if cleaning is all that must be done
I'm blessed with help, I've got my man
I put him to work as fast as I can