You Lucky Girl


 Music & Lyrics by John Torp
Coypright 2003 John Torp







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How lucky could you be
to find a guy like me
I have a perfect body
and a perfect mind
I really know that I
am just one of a kind
I know I'm not just handsome
but I'm clever too
and very very much
in love with you

you really showed good taste
the day you fell for me
I know you couldn't help it
I'm a catch you see
that was your lucky day
when you'r eyes looked my way
you'll never have to look
for other guys again
I am your husband now
and so I will remain

there's nothing more to say
you won first prize that day
I really am the catch
of the century
now luck has come your way
and I am here to stay
so many girls would like
to find a guy like me
you lucky lucky girl
to fall in love with me

oh I forgot to mention
you are perfect too.