It's Raining


Music - Lyrics and Picture by John Torp.
Copyright 2007 John Torp



It's raining yes it is raining and the rain is pouring down
there's ligtning all around and the thunder is so loud
the wind it is so strong that the trees are falling down
and when I look up in the sky I see a big black cloud
and it has been like this now for more than a week
and It is not the rain but the sun is what we seek
I hope it soon is over and the clouds will blow away
in that kind of weather I for sure don't want to stay

I wonder how the people are that's sleeping in a tent
I'm sure it must be terrible although they pay no rent
I really feel so sorry that they have no place to stay
and it's because of war and such they have to live that way
I wonder if one day maybe we all could live in peace
and all of this here misery and strife will ever cease
but that is wishful thinking for the wars will never end
when money rules the world and with our rulers round the bend