If I could live my life again



Music & Lyrics by John Torp
Copyright 2006 John Torp



If I could live my life again
I would not change it if I could
I did some wrong turns now and then
but it turned out the way it should
now looking back on all those years
I see the best things did prevail
and even though I shed some tears
it was just like a fairytale
I saw the sights I had to see
and did the things I had to do
life was so very good to me
there's nothing there I would undo

So It is funny now to see
there was a reason to it all
and something there was guiding me
and making sure I had it all
but even though there was some pain
I did forget it very soon
I did not care about the rain
because it was not a typhoon
and it was just a little while
before the sun came shining through
and so again my luck would smile
again the sky was clear and blue

If I was given one more chance
to live my life once more again
there would be nothing to enhance
and nothing better to obtain
and all the things that seemed all wrong
looked only so at the first sight
they were the right turns all along
and they turned out to be just right
another chance I must decline
and I am happy just to say
that this old life turned out just fine
and it was good in every way