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Updated 22 - 01- 2011

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   A new day    28-09-03

   A One     09-01-02

   Abyss  24-05-02 

    African Nights  30-08-01

   After the Storm   12-11-04   

   Am I awake, or just Dreaming  05-03-05  

    And so what did you do today    17-01-07   

    And so what if life isn't easy   14-06-07   

Angeleyes   07-08-05

   Angie   07-07-02

   Are you glad  that you got up this morning   01-02-07     

Are you happy with your life   25-11-09

    Are you here to stay  06-01-08

   Arms around each other  02-02-09

    As I walk along the seashore  22 11 07

   At Night  02-03 09

Autumn's starting now    31-10-10

Back home to Mamma   10-12-07

   Be very careful with love my dear  07-04-03

   Birthday  22-04-06  

   Blandamere   12-07-07   

   Blind Date     18-10-04      

   Blow Wind Blow      23-05-04     

   Carefree     25-08-10

   Cheek to Cheek     05-07-02

Cindy  23-11-10

Come and hold my Hand   19-09-09  

   Come Dear and sail along with me   08-08-07  

   Come on Grandma    24-04-03  

   Come out and see     19-05-03 

    Dance the crazy way   20-11-07

   Dancing dancing though a sea of flowers  12-08-07  

   Dancing with Joy    26-02-03 

   Dancing with my Mary      21-10-04  

   Dedeli Dedeli Dum    17-11-01

Do you feel fine today   06-06-10

   Do you know how much I miss you  01-10-08

   Do You Know   11-04-05  

   Do you remember   23-07 05 

   Down here in Mexico City   11-01-07   

Down the Nile   08-09-09  

   Dreams are such a magic place    20-11-03

Far Far away now   06-04-10 

 Far Away     05-09-00

   Feeling fine   18-10-06 

Flowers and Butterflies   05-10-10 

Flower of the East   15-03-10

   Fly along with me    02-03-04  

    From the first time that I saw you  27-03-09

Gentle Wind   28-08-09

   Georgina    16-10-91

   Goodbye   29-06-99

   Ha Ha Ha Ha    27-11-04  

   Happy March   24-08-96

   Have you seen my Dolly   11-09-03

   Heaven Bound  08-10-07

Hello Hello   15-08-09

   Here by my Window    01-01-07

Here comes Morning   23-08-10 

   Here comes my girl    18-02-06

 Here I am sitting down to think  19-09-10  

    Here in this lovely Garden    17-07-07   

Here we are  15-03-09

Hey Babe 31-10-10

   Hi There  21-03-01  

   High-High over the Mountains   15-03-01

  Hold me  06-01-09

Hold me close    07-12-10

Hold me tightly   01-08-09 

   Hold my hand when you need it  02-05 03   

   How about a dance   24-01-04 

How are you doing  12-11-10

   How are you now   29-06-02

    How can it be    22-02-07   

   How do you do  22-10-01

    How has life been treating you    01-02-07   

   How much must I endure    27-04-03

How sweet the fragrance   17-08-10 

How would life be without you   28-11-10 

   I am in Heaven   13-11-04 

   I am not handsome    21-06-04 

I am so happy now    31-07-10 

I am oh so very Handsome   25-01-10 

   I am so glad to day   29-07-06             

   I do like to remember  14-10-02   

   I don't have a woman  08-10-08

I don't think it can be better  21-09-10

   I Dreamed   09-02-03 

If I could have my way    10-07-10   

   I first saw you by the Volga  29-03-03 

   I have been lonely    21-03-05 

I hear you calling   17-02-10 

   I just made this tune last night    17-05-03 

    I just wonder how   19-01-07

I know why    17-11-10   

    I love the way   23-08-07   

    I never saw    05-07-07   

   I shall eat chinese rice to day    24-09-06   

I thought our love was strong   20-02-10

   I treasure the things I've seen  03-12-06   

   I was walking      23-06-04  

   I went to the Fair   06-09-07    

 I will walk  26-03-10

   I Wish   01-01-10

   I wonder how you are to day     31-10-05  

   If I could live my life again    20-03-06   

   If you only could be here again    12-11-06    

I'm dancing with my girl   29-09-09

    I'm glad now that I found you   12-03-99

     I'm just out looking at flowers    25-09-00 

I'm living in another World   20-03-10

    I'm sitting here by the fire 18-01-08 

    I'm sorry that we cannot stay together 10-11-07

I'm Sure   24-01-10

In a Dreamland somewhere    04-10-09

In this World    22-08-10

   It Is so Peaceful   01-02-09

    It is such an empty feeling 11-07-08

    It was long ago now 08-09-08

   It's raining  06-01-07   

It's so nice you are back again   04-03-10

I will never forget you   28-11-10

I wonder where you are    17-08-10

   Just a little moment here with you   31-03-03 

   Just go away   98-05-00

    Just keep on going  05-03-08 

   Just look at that girl   30-11-03 

    Just marching on     15-08-94

Let me Sleep   08-02-10

   Let us go Dancing      25-11-04  

   Lies, You were telling me lies  13-08-03  

    Life is Love    07-07-07  

   Life is not so easy    13-04-05  

   Lindha Pasarinho     08-09-75

   Little Banjo Girl   03-10-02    

    Live each day 16-03-09

   Lonely Palm   28-09-07    

    Lonely Tree  12-10-07

   Long Time Ago   19-01-03  

    Love has many faces    09-10-00 

   Melancolia   24-04-02         

   My Broken Heart     06-08-05  

My Brown eyed girl    28-10-09

My Country Girl  01-07-10

   My Feelings are deep as the Ocean   30-06-06  

    My Girl has gone and left me   21-03-07 

My Guardian Angel   05-08-09

My Home is very far away   25-11-09

My love I miss you so    10-09-00 

My Lover why did you leave me   15 11 09

   My Shoes Squeak    17-09-03

My sweet Carolina    17-08-10  

   My Swing   07-04-07   

   My very first Kiss   15-09-07    

   Now and again    26-11-04  

   Now is the time   06-02-06  

   Now it's Spring    22-04-03   

   Now it's summer once again     02-06-04  

   Now let me tell you of a poor guy    13-09-06   

    Now that I hold you  14-05-08

 Now that love has gone forever   14-03-10

    Now that we are together again  27-20-07

Oh Happy Day   20-02-10

    Oh how I long to be back again   29-11-07

   Oh what a world   10-02-04  

   Oh, When will you say you love me  04-10-06 

   Old Wishing Well   26-09-02 

   One and one is two my friend  03-09-02   

    One day it happens 14-07-08

   Our Bench is still standing    09-05-03  

   Our House in the Country  12-10-03 

   Out in the blue     25-12-99

Pick up your bag  20-02-09

    Plan for tomorrow    15-03-07  

   Please be my friend    06-10-06   

Please hold me tightly   15-11-09

   Poor little fly  29-05-03

Poor little rich girl   02-10-10  

    Put on your hat     17-04-07    

   Ronda    07-03-95

Sad it is  25-01-09

    Sad things in life   23-02-08

   Sadness      03-08-98

Samba Girl    02-07-10

   Save the World    11-10-05  

Seasons come and Seasons go   28-09-09 

   See how I love you      14-05-03  

   See the beautiful things in life  16-01-09

Silently the River flows   18-05-2010

   Sing a little song now    17-04-05   

Sitting on a Pier    12-10-09

   Sleep my dear   03-11-06  

   Sleepy     27-01-04  

   Snow is falling    10-11-05  

So have you ever  09-05-09

So Little Man  30-05-09

   So pure as the water    04-03-06    

    So this is another day    07-07-07    

   Softly   20-09-06   

    Some days it happens  22-10-07

   Someday     19-02-03  

   Sometimes     05-10-01 

    Strange Dream   29-04-07 

   Summer was very good this year  25-10-06

Sweet Angeline  26-08-10             

    Sweet are you   03-06-07   

    Swing that Leg    23-03-07  

Take my Lips  24-02-10

   Tango deficil    10-11-98

    Tell me why your love for me has gone   27-04-07  

   Tell Me   05-01-10  

   The Caravan to Infinity    13-04-03  

The day just woke up   15-09-09

   The Information Minister   03-05-03

The Night is long    07-08-10  

The Ring you gave to me   07-10-09

   The skies above my yard    11-02-03    

    The Sunflower   05-10-08

   There is much in life   21-01.08

There is no other place   28-03-10

There   There you go again  25-03-01  

    There's no Moon   03-07-07  

   This here is my life   30-11-03 

This is a lovely day      06-06-10

This Time   06-06-10

Time goes slow in the desert     09-12-10

   To wake up in the morning   19-09-07     

   Together   26-08-05   

   Trinidad   04-08.02    

Valse Petite     02-03-97  

  Venice   14-03-04 

   Waiting for me  08-05-05 

   Walk for Peace   19-02-03  

    Walked here in the forest   19-04-07     

   Walking by the River  08-01-09

Walking in the Moonlight     25-07-10 

   Waltz with me      06-12-98

Warm breezes blowing    28-08-10

   We are here now  021-02-09

We sail upon a Stormy Sea    28-10-09

   Welcome Children    07-07-03 

   What a clear blue sky to day  19-06-06   

   What have you done    28-11-04 

When I Look back   25-07-10

When I see Flowers Bloom  02-05 10

    When I wake up  29-11-08

When People Meet  21-05-09

   When Stars come out at Night    27-09-07     

   When will I see you again    24-07-04  

   When you are with me  26-01-09

Where are you   28-09-09

Where do you go when dreaming  04-03-10

   Where have all of those good days gone   27-01-07   

   Where       12-02-97

While we are dancing   02-02-10

   Why did you leave me   04-05-96

Will you help me  20-06-09

    Winterlove 12-07-08 

   Wondergirl  20-06-01

Wuppertal   08-08-2010

You are all that I care for  15-01-2011

You are as Lovely  08-05-09

You are the Girl for me   21-08-10

You came into my dream last night   16-10-10

You're the one and only   12-06-2010

You look just as sweet to me   25-11-09  

   You Lucky Girl      28-10-03 

You Promised    04-09-09

You say you will   03-09-09

    You went to work the other day    07-09-07     

    You were mine   01-09-07     

   You you are so sweet   24-08-02   

You're not alone   15-02-10