I am so glad to day


Music & Lyrics by John Torp
Copyright 2006 John Torp




I am so glad to day
that I feel like singing
this is my wedding day
soon the bells are ringing
there is no other one
that I'd rather marry
and when the day is gone
I'm not solitary
there was no more but me
now there is just us two
I am so glad you see
I will always love you
you feel the same as I
and you've often said so
I'll love you till I die
for you are my hero

How life is smiling now
and it will continue
for we will not allow
that we ever argue
I know decisions are
difficult to handle
like when to buy a car
or to light a candle
there may be other things
that we must decide on
but there's not anything
that we wont agree on
our life will will be so great
that's one thing that's certain
untill we meet our fate
at the final curtain