I am not handsome


Music and Lyrics by John Torp.

Copyright 2004 John Torp





I am not handsome
or that's what they say
it does not matter
I feel okay
I can not change that
in any way
I know my looks
they will be here to stay

I hope you'll love me
even though I am plain
and look inside me
I've got a brain
I know I love you
I will be true
and I will be happy
with someone like you

If I were handsome
and big and strong
I might be taken
your chances gone
so as you see now
it's not so bad
that I'm not handsome
should just make you glad

I am not handsome
but I am a man
I will not change it
all though I can
with operations
and a new hide
maybe that would make me
more qualified

that I'm not handsome
is just a plus
for I am me
and there's only us
who cares about
the way that I look
between all the others
it was me you took