How can it be

Music & Lyrics by John Torp
Copyright 2007 John Torp


How can it be that I'm so much in love
and do you feel love as strong as I do
how can we measure the strenght of our love
if there's a way I wish I knew
maybe you feel love as strong as I do
but do we really care who loves most of us two
for I do not care just as your love is true
and all that I can say is that I'll love for two

I know our love will survive throught the years
there may be days when we will shed some tears
but with our love we'll be happy again
and we'll forget there was some pain
to be in love is a wonderful thing
a joyous state of mind that makes bright everything
so if we are loved and we love someone too
we'll sail away through life and the sky will stay blue