Far Away

 Copyright 2000 John Torp
Music & Lyrics by John Torp

Lyrics by Dorothy Acton




you are so far,
so far away
I miss you so

Oh, yes, I know
that you had to go
and now our tears flow

I miss you so

You are so far away
from home and from my arms
I need you here
kiss away our fear
oh please promise dear
stay safe from harms

I whisper your name
and feel your tender touch
while you're away from me
love's the same
I miss you oh so much

you are so far away
in darkness and in strife
I wish that I
could bring you a light
I'd give you my own life
I love you

you are so far
so far away from me today
I'll send my heart
so we're not apart
let my love shield you, keep
harm away

How sad that such tears
have flowed through the years
in wars so far away, aching hearts
when hatred's business starts.