Have you seen my Dolly

Music & Lyrics by John Torp
Coypright 2003 John Torp







Have you seen my dolly
she dissappeared yesterday
don't hope that my dolly
she has gone away
if you see my dolly
send her back to me
if I get back my dolly
how happy I will be

where is my dolly
wonder where she'd be
what is she doing
far away from me
I miss my dolly
hope you're doing fine
don't forget you'r my dolly
and you are always mine

I woke up this morning
I didn't sleep very good
thinking of my dolly
then I understood
that I'd had a bad dream
dreaming she was lost
it was only a bad dream
she really wasn't lost

I have my dolly
in my arms again
I love my dolly
here she will remain
you are my dolly
I'll be good to you
I will kiss you my dolly
and you can kiss me too

that was such a bad dream
dreaming that she'd gone away
but it was a bad dream
you are here today
I love you my dolly
and you love me too
we are happy my dolly
happy we are us two