Blind Date


 Music and Lyrics by John Torp.
Copyright 2004 John Torp





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I did not know what would happen that night
I just did not know it at all
I tried to make everything turn out just right
but I did not know she was tall
it was my first time that I went on a date
not knowing what I could expect
and then when I saw her and it was too late
the only thing was to accept

What a surprise she was over six feet
and me with my five feet and four
she was a big woman and I am petite
I cursed my bad luck and I swore
but what could I do now I couldn't back out
it wasn't her fault she was tall
but I must remember next time to look out
and hope that the next one is small

To go on a blind date it can be so right
and I do not care if she's plain
but I must remember to ask for her height
so this will not happen again
now it just so happened the evening was great
but it was a funny affair
and we both aggreed that on our next date
we'd try to avoid peoples stare.