After The Storm The Birds Will Sing




 Music by John Torp.
Lyrics by Dorothy Acton
Copyright 2002 John Torp




Life sent me down a stormy trail;
Clouds gathered near in dark array--
Thunder came crashing all around,
Rain fell from the dark skies, heavy and gray.

Oh! I was frightened, I just had to hide.
My heart grew so faint and hope failed.
My soul cried out from the pain inside.
I could not walk this black trail.

Was my life over? Could it be?
Was it true that my future had died?
So depressed, all alone in my plight,
I reached out for a miracle, a guide.

I heard a mockingbird singing out in a tree
Though violent storms were still smashing on,
He ignored the rain and the stinging winds,
And he just kept singing on and on.

His sweet song held me in a trance.
My glad eyes lifted to see this sight
What a joy to hear his constant song,
His courage to face this dark night.

I hear a voice that echoes around,
Repeating the message I see:
After the storm, the birds will sing--
And so will we, and so will we.

Copyright 2004 Dorothy Acton

Inspired by Lee in Canada and Jill in Tennessee.

Dedicated to Fuchs' Friends, an Internet support
group for people with inherited Corneal Dystrophy
which is curable only by a corneal transplant. This
amazing group of people are enduring their disease
and loss of sight, corneal transplant surgery, and
the long recovery with wonderful grace and a constant
willingness to share their loving support with others.