Poor Guy



Music & Lyrics by John Torp
Copyright 2006 John Torp






Now let me tell you of a poor guy
he fell in love with a wonderful girl
she was his angel up in the sky
she was his true love and she was his pearl
but as you know the good things don't last
and one day she left him so all alone
now all he does is think of the past
and he's just wishing she one day comes home
now his clear sky is all overcast
all of the colours has turned monocrome

Now from that day he's been very sad
and he is no way the guy from before
he only thinks of that what he had
and of the day that she walked out the door
it is so hard to find the right one
and maybe next time he's true love is there
then by that time his pain will be gone
and once again he'll be walking on air
just to be happy with a nice girl
one he could say to " I love you my pearl ".